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EBS COOP is one of the longest surviving social enterprises in West London. We were originally set up in 1989 as Ealing Business Services Limited. Over 20 years we have provided bookkeeping and accounting services for a range of organisations. These include voluntary organisations, social enterprises and cooperatives, community businesses, community organisations and new-start businesses set up by social enterprise support organisations.

Working in partnership with support bodies we have provided business and cooperative management training and consultancy for new social enterprise start-ups. This has included finance system reviews, health checks, business planning and cooperative management.

We have recently developed easy-to-use systems to help organisations record and analyse management information including books of account for small groups, donations and employee expenses.

We are a worker cooperative which means we are a business wholly and equally owned by its workers. Any profits made are not distributed, but are either reinvested in the co-operative or are used to further our social objectives.


Telephone: 020 8740 9722

Mobile: 07981 744431