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"To bring about stronger, financially sustainable and more able customers by forming relationships based on equal-standing and shared understandings, goals, mutual respect and commitment to professional standards while striving for greater work satisfaction and financial security for our members."

EBS COOP aims to:

Empower organisations to make the most effective use possible of their resources.
Assist organisations in raising funds in order to increase access to services.
  Provide sustainable employment for its members with salaries and working conditions which compare favourably with similar employers.
These aims will be achieved by:

Delivering high-quality and cost-effective services tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

  Specialising in working with the voluntary, charity and social enterprise sectors.
Continuing to innovate and by improving our services.
EBS COOP aims to promote good equal employment practices, and has a published code of ethics which it works towards.




Telephone: 020 8740 9722

Mobile: 07981 744431