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Bookkeeping and accounting

We will set up the system according to your needs. Features available include:

Outgoing & incoming invoice and fund tracking

Features include:

Donations management

Features include:

Expenses management

Features include:

Membership and subscriptions management

Features include:

Users' demographic analysis

Analysis of demographic user-information helps organisations measure whether services are being taken up as intended: for example parts of a borough where there is less take up than others, how representative the ethnicity mix is, the age-ranges of service users.

We will set up the package according to the information you wish to collect. We will provide guidance on how the information collected can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of how services are promoted.

Users' service take-up analysis

There is increasing demand by funders to provide information about the numbers and types of users taking up service and the frequency of take-up.

This system uses simple registers to analyse take-up for each service user.

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